We are a leading Legal and Business consulting firm, with primary focus on delivering quality legal and business services to suit all our clients corporate and legal needs.

We provide valuable legal and business solutions to our clients by harnessing our in-house competence as well as leveraging on the expertise of local and international relationship law firms associated with our firm.
We are Client-focused, as we strive to be instrumental to our client’s success stories using our legal, corporate practice and management consulting services. Our team of tenacious, professional, innovative, meticulous and passionate lawyer proffer adequate solutions relevant to our client’s needs.


Without a doubt our core values as a professional legal/corporate commercial and management consulting firm are set to out-live the individuals that were instrumental in establishing the firm, with the vision that theses set of values becomes the nature and character for all persons in the firm in achieving our ultimate vision. We at ECCE Law Practice pride ourselves in our ability to ensure strict compliance with the ECCE Values, whilst carrying our client along in achieving their desired legal, corporate and business needs.

These ECCE Values are :


With us, it’s never business as usual where the trend is to maximize profit at the expense of truth and compliance. We at ECCE do not compromise our Integrity to satisfy our business goals. Rather, Client satisfaction and legal/corporate compliance are our core business values whilst striving to achieve our strategic business goals. Our Clients are therefore very assured that we have their best interest at heart by presenting honest and truthful Legal and business positions to them, whilst proffering solutions that bring outmost value and benefit to our client


The foundation of our business success over the years can no doubt be traced to our strict adherence to work per Excellence. From our brand, to the quality of our Legal Team, solutions we offer to our various clients and service delivery, we are committed to excellence at all time. Our unflinching drive for continuous improvement and innovation in our methodologies, has over the years guaranteed the sustenance our value for excellence. We strive to get better always!


We are very aware that having and adhering strictly to our corporate values comes with real challenges. No doubt these challenges sometime threaten what we stand for, but we are committed to our values and this drives our business decisions and strategic corporate goals. As we continue to strive to stay true to our Values, regardless of the challenges it brings, we bring greater satisfaction and fulfilment to our client. We are committed to see that our Clients are successful due to the solutions we proffer. We are also committed to the development and empowering our team to deliver value.


As an organization that understands the values and potentials in leveraging on relationships, we invest in building and maintaining the Personal, Internal, Client and Corporate/Business relationships we have built over the years, building and the ones that we are yet to build, both locally and internationally. We have a clear understanding, strategic plan and outlined roles and responsibilities of our team in managing these relationships. We value all our relationships and invest in sustaining them. .


We strive to continue to create a friendship atmosphere in our work place because we believe that it’s very easy to loose oneself in a bureaucratic business workplace. We therefore, work as a team whilst appreciating each other’s differences and leveraging on our strengths to deliver on our corporate goals. We are proud to have, through our value for Team Spirit, produced a team of lawyers that are tenacious, vibrant, meticulous and result oriented.